Imaging With Care

In keeping with our commitment to providing superior services to our patients and referrers we offer a comprehensive range of high quality and low dose imaging.

Comfortable Environment

At Pulse Medical Imaging, we focus on traditional values in providing our service with care and a commitment to excellence in a comfortable environment.

Specialised Radiologists

Our professional staff are committed to efficiently carrying out the delivery of quality imaging services by utilising evidence-based medicine founded on the latest research and contributes to the scientific literature.

Locally owned and operated

Our team of specialised radiologists, technicians and receptionists across our four sites are committed to providing patients and their referring clinicians with the highest standards of care in our modern, professional, and comfortable environments.


Pulse Medical Imaging uses the best CT technology on the market, Canon Aquilion Prime 160 Slice CT Scanner, a scanner that provides better care and safer imaging.

  • Reliable & Efficient
    From paediatric to bariatric, whether complex or routine, it is designed and automated to deliver high quality data.
  • Ultra low-dose imaging
    Utilising PUREVision technology to improve imaging efficiency with up to 31% less dose
  • Adaptive Technology
    Simplified workflow providing consistent quality results
  • AiCE
    Ultra low dose CT with the worlds first artificial intelligence AiCE assisted CT producing higher quality diagnostic images.